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There are many music sites out there, and many pages of links to them. This page collects some that I have visited. They are placed in groups, with comments to help decide if they might be useful to you.

All views expressed are my own, and are just that - personal views in relation to what I do as a composer and musician. The list is not comprehensive but reflects my interests. It's a new work in progress.

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Software for Apple / Mac / Macintosh

Software for real-time DSP and interactive performance is described on the sensors, interaction & performance page.

Also check out Pluggo, a suite of free-range VST plugg-ins from Cycling'74.


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UK research institutions A sensitive map listing universities and colleges in the UK (NB not just music), hosted by the University of Wolverhampton.

American Musicological Society

SEAMUS, the Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the United States.

Sonic Arts Network in the UK.

See also the sensors, interaction & performance page.



Music Theory Online A serious academic journal, with well-designed web presentation.

Computer Music Journal The "classic" journal for technical research on music synthesis, modeling, cognition, interfaces... You won't learn much about composition from it.

Internet Resources for Music Scholars Maintained by the Music Library at Harvard, a good list of scholarly journals.

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Teaching / study resources

Composer biographies and plot synopses from the New York City Opera.

Descriptions of dance works presented by New York City Ballet.

Gems of Compositional Wisdom A series of articles on aspects of composition, aimed at the student. Very readable, they're much better than the title would suggest.

Practical Music Theory A "web site dedicated to the study of music theory". Articles, PC software tools, links. English / Spanish.

Java Music Theory A set of interactive theory tutorials (high-school level) as Java applets and, for the Mac only, free-standing MAX applications.

Twelve Tone ToyBox Play with note rows in Java. More pretty than useful.

Jay's Set Theory Calculator Java tools to help with analysis a la Allen Forte.

All About Set Theory A good introduction (the help page from Jay's...).

Genelec studio setup tutorials How to set up studio monitors. Well-presented and not too partisan.


Other lists

Computer music links on the WWW US and international bodies involved in electroacoustic music.

Music programs A vast alphabetical link-list of software for many platforms. It includes Mac stuff but you have to follow the links to find out. Also a metalist for other links, manufacturer homepages and more. It's probably here somewhere.

"Music on the Internet: Complete Listing" is how this one describes itself. I haven't checked it except to note that it's big.

Classical music department of the WWW Virtual Library Also not checked in detail, but it looks to be well organised, a source of information and further links.


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